Workshops / Tours / Demonstrations


Don't let the ability to pay get in the way

Here's the good news...We have no set fee schedule.  How the heck can that be?   We offer Work it Out (WIO) pricing!  WIO pricing can be a modest donation so we can continue to help others like you and your dog(s).  Sometimes we may ask for items on our ever changing Sure-Wish-We-Had-This-List in exchange for services.  Sometimes we may just ask for referrals to others who may need help in the future. 

Workshops and Workshop Hosting 

Want to attend one of our workshops? Want to request assistance setting up an educational seminar for your friends or an organization? Need to change up your venue from your usual space…or maybe you do not have the space or time to set up an event? We can accommodate up to 12 people and have everything you need onsite (restroom, kitchenette, tables + chairs, parking and wifi). Our peaceful surroundings (six beautiful acres bursting with lovely botanicals and wildlife) are the perfect setting to unwind, brainstorm and learn. Please use the contact form or give us a call.​

Tours and Demonstrations

We welcome visitors to our facility. Tours can be scheduled when canine clients are not on site and are about 45 minutes in duration. We also offer demonstrations (to individuals or groups), to educate and share the types of techniques we use, to help those who have rescued, adopted, or are fostering animals. ​

Contact Us

P.O. Box 552 

Pennington, New Jersey 08534