Let us help you, as you help the animals on your journey in life. At Doing Right By Rescues™ we recognize that animals and people all have different life experiences and expectations, as well as differing ways of learning, understanding and connecting. Pam’s Promise is an important component which respects those differences by carefully listening to needs and working with you to set a plan or program in place to fit your unique needs, lifestyle, time constraints and the type of relationships you want to enjoy with animals.​

Workshop Information
We make learning fun, rewarding and relevant to your life with animals. Interested in attending or having us host an educational event?

Pam's Promise
Individuals with Rescued Dogs
We offer tutoring to individuals seeking assistance with canine behaviors to improve the quality of the relationship on both sides of the leash.  We specialize in dogs who have been adopted from rescue groups or animal shelters. There are no group sessions, only individualized, custom tailored, one-on-one learning experiences. 

Five Time Top rated nonprofit organization!

For the FIFTH year in a row,

we have been designated as a top rated nonprofit organization! 

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P.O. Box 552 

Pennington, New Jersey 08534


Specialty tutoring and dog training for you and your rescued dog in a zen like setting

We are a non-profit organization with two missions 

  • * To provide tutoring to individuals who have rescued dogs
  • * To provide low cost educational workshops to support those who rescue


​Traditional Dog Trainers help to teach your dog how to DO something (i.e. sit, stay) ​​

We teach you to teach your dog how to BE something

(i.e. less reactive, calmer, more focused on you).