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View videos to see results of one Tellington Touch session coupled with calming techniques for excessive barking

Rescue Dog Drake and Client - Before -

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Individuals with Rescued Dogs

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Services for those who have rescued, adopted or are fostering a dog

Drake and Client - After -

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Is there a fee for our services?

May we ask that you please consider leaving behind a free will donation in your dog’s name to support our work with the next rescued dog? Donations have been averaging between $25.00 - $40.00, some donate more, some less. However, regardless of a person’s ability to donate all dogs are seen and most welcome.

Please click here to see our Wish List for alternative ways to support our organization’s work with rescued dogs.

As a non profit organization we are only sustainable because of your donations. Please know that all donations go directly into program costs to help rescued dogs.

Trust, Reach, Teach

Have you rescued, or are you fostering a super shy dog, an under socialized dog, a puppy mill dog, or a fearful dog whose reactivity to things (people, places noises, animals, etc.) makes it difficult for your dog to fully enjoy his life with you?  Fear is at the root of most reactivity for dogs.  Let us help you to help your dog decrease fear and stress levels while increasing levels of confidence.  We can help with the use of Tellington Touch® practices, calming techniques, a confidence playground, force free methodologies, gentle equipment recommendations, and suggestions in terms of environmental or household modifications.   Want to work towards the goal for you and your dog to successfully handle any real or perceived stressors? We can show you how to form a trusting, respectful, patient bond that will last for years.

Harmony and Hounds

You love them, they love you, but you just can’t seem to make harmony happen!  Let us see if we can address the behaviors (on both sides of the leash) which may be causing unbalance in your lives.  Our tutoring (of you and your dog) is rooted in the philosophy of balance, patience and kindness.  We leverage calming techniques as well as other force free methodologies to help decrease stress and increase confidence.  We can suggest unique equipment, ground exercises, various touch points on your dog as well as modifications to the home environment to help you achieve the type of relationship that works best for you and your dog.  If your dog is jumping up, pulling on the leash, inappropriately barking or chewing, exhibiting reactivity to movement, noises, other people or animals, then please let us help you to get to harmony. 

Very Important Pet 

Are you and your dog at a time in your relationship where age associated issues or illness require some assistance or creative thinking for the best quality of life?  Do you have a dog with disabilities such as deafness, blindness, or physical limitations? There is a special place in our heart for senior dogs as well as dogs challenged with physical disabilities.  We’ve got a whole list of resources and rich educational experiences to share.  And, if we don’t have it figured out we promise to refer you to someone with specialized expertise. Please let us help you to help this very special pet population.